Art Gallery

Our Art Gallery features regular exhibitions and sales of works by idea-rich creators from all the arts who have been inspired by Japan’s culture, history, and spiritual heritage. These artists often have reputations that stretch beyond the bounds of Tucson and Arizona, and some are nationally and even internationally known and collected, by both private individuals and major museums.

Current Exhibitions

“Spirit of the Land” by Emily King

The exhibition “Spirit of the Land” features artwork by Emily King and opens on February 7, 2020.

King commenced her creative career in 1995 as a studio artist and animator for films and TV. Working for Walt Disney, NBC/Universal, and others, she garnered a Peabody Award before taking up professional painting in 2001, when she moved to the edge of the Alaskan wilderness. For the following five years, she endeavored to depict in oils the awe inspired in her by animals and landscapes of the Far North.

In “Spirit of the Land,” King explores the Japanese concept of tamashii – the way that the sight of a being or the spirit of a place can move one to wonderment at, and a reverential respect for, nature. At times realistic, at times dreamlike, her pieces capture instants in which tamashii infuses both the soul and mind. 

The show runs until May 1, and all paintings in the exhibition are for sale.