Haiku Writing Walk

Yume is pleased to announce a Haiku Writing Walk with award-winning haikuists Yukihiro Ibuki and Danny Bland.

The walk provides a memorable opportunity to observe, collect, and reflect upon perceptions and images of nature and life. These in turn furnish elements for the creation and appreciation of haiku, the iconic Japanese short poem.

This two-hour workshop opens with several classic haiku read in English and Japanese, followed by an introduction to the history, structure, and characteristics of this genre of composition that first became widely popular in Japan in the 1600s. In the centuries since, it has achieved global renown as a sublime and quintessentially Japanese poetic form.

Walking thereafter through the grounds of Yume, we will pause during our stroll to read haiku placed in various locations, allowing time also for participants to gather personal images and thoughts and to compose their own haiku. Afterwards we’ll informally share and enjoy our impressions and poems.

Yukihiro Ibuki was born in Kyoto, Japan and has composed traditional haiku since high school. A member of the “Kyo-kanoko” haiku association, he has written poems honored as Outstanding Haiku at the Arizona Matsuri Haiku Expo in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Danny Bland is a novelist, rock band road manager, and author of two volumes of poetry composed in the haiku form but distinctly untraditional in flavor: “I Apologize In Advance For The Awful Things I’m Gonna Do” and “We Shouldn’t Be Doing This.” You can read a new haiku every day on his Facebook page.

Date: Friday, March 13

Time: 1 pm – 3pm

Cost: $25 ($18 for students; please call Yume at 520-303-3945 for details.)

Space is limited. Click here to buy your ticket or call Yume to reserve your spot.