An Evening with Paul Amiel: Japanese Poetry and Shakuhachi

Gather with Paul Amiel beside Yume’s koi pond November 14 at 6:30 pm as he presents an evening of fall-themed Japanese poetry and shakuhachi, or bamboo flute, pieces by the glow of the moon.

Paul Amiel has long been an avid collector and player of ethnic musical instruments, including the Japanese shakuhachi. While living in Japan in 2006 and 2007, he studied under Iida Katsutoshi in Nagoya, learning how to play this elegant bamboo flute, an instrument in which sound is shaped by silence as much as by breath, following the Zen concept of emptiness and form. Since 2014 he has taught the instrument’s traditional repertoire at the Empty Bamboo Shakuhachi Circle in Tucson. He also frequently performs early music on the gothic harp.

To guarantee your space at this limited-seating special event, advance payment of a non-refundable admission fee of $18 (plus Eventbrite processing fees) is required. To buy tickets online, click on “Events” in the menu bar at the top of any page in our website. In the drop-down menu that then opens click on “Buy Tickets” and follow the purchasing instructions. Tickets can also be purchased at the Gardens during business hours.

Please park for the concert either in the lot behind our main gate on North Alvernon Way, or on East Justin Lane, one-half block south of Yume, being careful not to block our neighbors’ driveways. Note that non-resident curbside parking is NOT permitted on East Hampton Place, on the north side of the Gardens.