Advanced Sogetsu Ikebana Workshop

One of the most popular schools of traditional Japanese flower arrangement is paradoxically modern: Sogetsu, which emerged in the 1920s. Since its development, Sogetsu has become a favorite among arrangers who prefer a broader palette of plant materials and a more free-flowing style of floral composition than permitted in classical schools dating back to the origins of Ikebana 550 years ago.

We are very pleased to offer a special workshop this fall that goes beyond and significantly enriches our usual classes in Sogetsu techniques. On Sunday, November 18, participants will have the chance to perfect their flower arranging skills and nourish their inventiveness in advanced instructional sessions led by Ping Wei, one of most creative and imaginative Sogetsu artists practicing in the Southwest today.

Born in China, Ping Wei moved to the U.S. in 1992. He took up Ikebana in 2003, and is a teaching diploma holder certified by Japan’s most prestigious group of Sogetsu instructors, the Sogetsu Teacher’s Association of Tokyo. Achieving such expertise requires years of learning and passage of rigorous examinations under the scrutiny of the highest masters of the art, combined with deep study of the philosophical principles that make Sogetsu a subtle, sensitive, and meditative vehicle of self-expression.

Our workshop consists of two sessions. The first begins at 10:00 am; the second at 1:00 pm. They may be taken separately, for a fee of $40 each, or you may join the full-day workshop for $70.  Because these sessions build upon each other, we suggest that you attend both; by the end of the day, you will have acquired deeper insight into the union of sophistication and simplicity that is Ikebana – and you will have created at least two breathtaking arrangements to display to your family and friends.

Fees are payable in class by cash or by check made out to the instructor and cover all materials used in the workshop. Admission to the Gardens is not included. Advance registration is required by November 11; please email indicating which session(s) you plan to attend.