We present classes and workshops in a variety of longstanding Japanese popular arts. These include calligraphy, ink brush painting, gift wrapping with furoshiki  (colorful squares of printed cotton cloth), origami (folding paper to create three-dimensional figures without the use of glue or scissors), and Ikebana, or traditional Japanese flower arranging.

Taught by Japanese instructors, or by Western teachers who have lived and studied in Japan for years, these courses not only help you acquire new skills, they give you insight into the sources of artistic creativity in Japan, and the values of discernment, refinement, harmony, and subtlety that have shaped Japanese society for millennia.

Pre-registration is necessary for all classes and workshops. Please email us at to sign up for a class, to inquire about class times, fees, and locations, or for other information regarding our current and future offerings.

Learn Ikebana!

If you have marveled at the floral arrangements in our Ikebana exhibitions and wished that you could make such striking displays for your home or as gifts for family and friends, consider enrolling in one of our Fall 2018 flower arranging classes. They are educational, entertaining, and will acquaint you with a quintessential and cherished element of Japanese culture.

Born some 550 years ago in the practice of decorating altars in Buddhist temples with flowers, Ikebana is much more than a simple expression of creativity like the Western custom of putting pretty blooms in a vase. A disciplined and meditative art form with deep-rooted rules, it bestows special benefits on those who practice it: inner peace, and harmony with nature, both while creating an arrangement and when contemplating it later.

As a living tradition, Ikebana has evolved into a number of major schools over the centuries. We offer two-hour classes by certified instructors trained in Japan in the techniques of the Ikenobo and Sogetsu schools. Ikenobo is the oldest school and emerged in the 1550s. It specializes in a time-honored classical manner of arrangement. Sogetsu developed in 1926 and makes use of a wider range of plant and other materials to achieve a style that is more fluid and free-form.

There is a $35 instruction and floral materials fee for Sogetsu classes; Ikenobo classes cost $25. Fees do not include entry to the Gardens, and are payable to the instructor by check or cash in class. Advance registration is required: please email specifying which classe(s) you wish to attend.

Sogetsu School Classes: 
October 21   10:00 am
November 25  10:00 am
December 16  10:00 pm

Ikenobo School Classes:
October 7  10:00 am
October 9  6:00 pm
November 11  10:00 am
November 12   6:00 pm
December 2  10:00 am
December 4   6:00 pm