Calligraphy Workshop

The delicate art of classical Japanese calligraphy is at heart a practice of Zen-like physical and spiritual engagement, once reserved for emperors and nobles. Now you can lose yourself in its deep appeal during an absorbing hands-on seminar with nationally-known calligraphy artist Yoshi Nakano. This two-day workshop takes place Saturday, November 10, and Sunday, November 11, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

Born in Japan and a graduate of the Art College of Nagoya, Nakano has been practicing calligraphy since the age of seven. He has exhibited award-winning traditional, contemporary, and abstract ink brush work in shows in the Northeast and Southwest, and his drawings are in private collections in New York City, Chicago, Santa Fe, Tucson, and California.

Under Nakano’s guidance, you’ll produce Japanese calligraphy in which the interplay of carefully meditated strokes of black ink on white rice paper fosters a dynamic oneness of body, mind, word, and medium. More than simply making art, you’ll become part of the very art that you create, and which you can take home to display.

All course materials are provided, and the cost of the workshop is $115; Gardens admission is not included. Participation is limited to a maximum of eight students. Reservations are required; please email no later than November 5.