2014 Annual Report

Mission Statement

To immerse visitors in rich layers of Japanese culture and heritage through diverse garden landscape designs, production of traditional Japanese festivals, ceremonies, and performing arts, museum and art gallery exhibitions, and educational workshops and classes, as well as to provide a haven of greenery and tranquility for the Tucson community.

Board of Directors

Chairperson: Patricia Deridder – Executive Director and Founder, Yume Japanese Gardens of Tucson
Directors: Allen Boraiko (Assistant Director, Yume Japanese Gardens of Tucson), Yamada Takuhiro, Drinda Green, Jonathan Linton, Phyllis Menne

2014 Accomplishments

Yume Japanese Gardens of Tucson opened to the public on January 15, 2013. Although the primary plants and trees and major landscape features were installed in 2012 and 2013, additional plantings and new buildings were added in 2014 to complete the project. The fall of 2013 saw the commencement of construction of a Japanese-style cottage, which was opened to visitors in 2014. Likewise in 2014, we inaugurated a museum, an art gallery, and a gift shop.

The first museum exhibit (October 1 – November 23) was very well received and consisted of an extensive display of kimonos entitled “Kimono – Splendor in Cloth” and an accompanying exhibit of woodblock prints. This exhibit was followed by a display of vintage and traditional Japanese objects from our permanent collection, called “Katachi – The Essence of Design.”

The art gallery featured two extended exhibitions. One was an exhibit of calligraphy-inspired paintings by Zen brush artist Yoshi Nakano of Phoenix, Arizona. The second show was an exhibit of sculptural Ikebana vases handcrafted by ceramicist and Ikebana master Ping Wei, also of Phoenix.

2014 brought with it our second series of spring and fall Ikebana floral festivals, with displays throughout the Gardens of the creations of five schools of Ikebana flower arrangement techniques. Visitors enjoyed special nighttime strolls through the Gardens in November, along paths illuminated by candle- and lantern light. We also observed traditional Japanese calendar events with festivals, such as a New Year’s mochitsuki  (rice-pounding) celebration, and celebrations of Girls Day in March and Childrens Day in May. In April we hosted the two-day Spring Show of the Tucson Bonsai Society.

Also in April, internationally-known Japanese-Canadian shakuhachi (bamboo flute) player and composer Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos enthralled his overflow audience with haunting traditional Japanese melodies. His sold-out concert was a reprise by popular demand of his first recital at Yume in 2013. In the spring and fall we held evening recitals of classical Japanese music by members of the Tucson Repertory Orchestra, as well as by distinguished local soloists. We presented a December theatrical production of the beloved Japanese fairy tale Kaguya Hime – “The Tale of The Princess Kaguya.”

Throughout the year we offered Japanese language classes for adults and children, and workshops in Ikebana, calligraphy, origami, and gift wrapping with furoshiki, all in pursuit of the Garden’s educational mission. In a similar vein, in October we produced a well-attended seminar and workshop for local gardening enthusiasts on how to prune Japanese black pine. It was conducted by our board member Yamada Takuhiro, president of Hanatoyo Landscape Company of Kyoto and a fifth-generation Japanese garden designer who has overseen the restoration of some of Japan’s most iconic gardens, including several at Imperial villas.

The following information is a condensed version of the financials for Fiscal Year 2014, starting January 1, 2014 and ending December 31, 2014.

Donations                                                                                                            $171,800.00
Membership & Admission Fees                                                                              $18,212.00
Gift Shop Sales                                                                                                       $ 6,203.00

Operating assets at the beginning of the year:                                                      $25,273.39
Operating assets at the end of the fiscal year:                                                       $80,213.27

Facilities and development                                                                                    $50,122.00
Support services (administration, finance, marketing)                                           $24,329.00
Utilities                                                                                                                  $15,823.00
Maintenance                                                                                                          $48,956.00